Monday, June 25, 2012

Benguet Private School

St Paul's Academy of Sayangan, Inc. - Sayangan, Sayangan

Grace Mt. Mission and Christian Acad. of the Phils. - Sinipsip
Immaculate Conception School of Bokod, Inc. - Poblacion

Abatan School of Mariano & Elena Cobcobo - Abatan
Benguet Central College Laboratory High School - Natubling
San Isidro High School of Abatan, Inc. - Abatan
Son Shine Learning Center - Loo

Blessed His Place Academy, Inc. - Calew, Dalupirip
Calvary Christian Life School - 98 Purok sibal, Tuding
Precious Jewels Learning Center - Tuding
Sacred Heart High School of Itogon, Inc. - 15, Poblacion
St Louis High School of Balatoc, Inc. - Virac
St Louis High School - Antamok - Antamok Tram, Ucab

Kabayan Baptist Learning Center - Palenas, Poblacion

St. Theresita's High School of Kapangan, Inc. - Labueg

Benguet Learning Center - 154 Housing, Wangal
Brilliant Child Christian Academy - IC-113, Betas
Central Balili Wesleyan Academy, Inc. - F 0046 C Tebteb, Balili
Christia Learning Center, Inc. - 10238 Bayabas, Pico
Cordillera Career Development College - Buyagan, Poblacion
Epiphany Learning Center - Km. 6, Betag
Full Bright Preparatory School - 10-08 Laoyan St. 11, Km. 6, Betag
Glad Tidings Educational Center - Jc 093 Km. 5, Central Pico
Globalight Learning Center, Inc. - Buyagan
God's Lamb Academy - 18-82 C. Laoyan, Betag
Home Oriented Prime Education Christian Academy, Inc. - Pelis Loy Centrum Annex Km. 5, Balili
Immaculate Heart of Mary School of La Trinidad, Inc. - JC 039 Km. 4, Pico
Keys of the Kingdom Ministries Learning Center - KKM Bldg. 1, Pico
La Trinidad Nazarene Learners Center - LNBC Compound, Pico
Little Flower Children's Home Foundation - Km 4, Balili
Molders of Dreams Educational Center - 038 Longlong, Puguis
Rainbow Mission International Academy, Inc. - AAE-13-E Western, Buyagan
San Jose Elementary and High School - Buyagan, Poblacion
Shekinah Educational Center of Benguet, Inc. - JB 132 Km 4, Central Pico
St. Therese School of Tomay, Inc. - DA-033 Tomay, Bahong
Star Educational Christian Foundation - 156 Central, Pico
Strawbery School in the Philippine Island - Km. 6, Betog
Sunbeam Learning Center - 326 Central, Central Pico
Superkidz Learning Center - MB 226, Puguis
UCCP Integrated School - FA030 Calanao, Balili

Holy Cross Learning Center Inc. - Lepanto, Paco
St. Alban's Learning Center, Inc. - Lepanto-Paco
St. Joseph Learning Center of Mankayan. Inc. - Aurora, Poblacion
UCCP Mankayan Christian Academy, Inc. - Aurora, Poblacion
Victory Balili Christian Academy, Inc. - Bosigan, Balili

St Louis School of Sablan, Inc. - Poblacion

International Christian Colleges - Upper Tadiangan
Philex Mines Elementary School - Padcal, Camp 3
St Louis High School - Philex - Philex Mines

Vetec Foundation School - Km 12, Shilan

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