Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Talisay City Private School

Abiko Christian School - TSCS, Lawaan 3
Asian College of Technology Integrated Sch. - BULACAO
Cebu Bible Seminary (Christian Learning Center) - Z - 2, San Isidro
Cebu Sacred Heart College - Lawaan
Cebu St. Therese Learning Center (Talisay) - Ilang-ilang, Lagtang
Cherubs Academy - Laray, San Roque
Divino Amore Academy - Fidel Ba St., Mohon
East Visayan Academy - Bulacao
First Assembly of God Christian School, Inc. - V.H. Garces, Cansojong
First Chinese Royal Academy - 1669 Baseon St., Dumlog
Lagtang SDA Elementary School - Lagtang
Monterey School of Learning, Inc. - San Isidro
SAE Young Christian Learning Center - Camella Homes, Lawaan
San Carlos School of Talisay - 643 Burgos St., Poblacion
St. Anthony's Learning Center - Z 1 151 Rizal St., Dumlog
St. Dominic School of Kimba - R Kimba, San Roque
St. Ignatius De Loyola Preparatory School, Inc. - Laray, San Roque
St. Scholastica's Academy - Tabunok
St. Teresa's School - (a)
St. Tomas Aquinas School (Montessori) - South Road, Linao, Lawaan
Sto. Nino Preparatory School - Lower, Mohon
Tabunok School of Learning - Tabunok
Talisay Malayan Academy - Lopez Jaena, Poblacion
Talisay Mind-Power Creativity Center, Inc. - Z 1055 Old Phil Railway, Pooc
Temple Christian Academy - Z4 1078, Dumlog
The Sisters of Mary School - J.P. Rizal St., Poblacion
Thrice Admirable Montessori - Lot 2 Blk 88, Camella, Lawaan
Tierra Grande Learning Center - Phase 2 Blk-9 lot 74 Carmela Homes, Lawaan
Virgen de las Escuelas Pias - 1801, Lawaan
Visayan Wesleyan Christian School, Inc. - 2nd Seaview Hight, Lawaan

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